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The World's Largest Fine Cleaning & Sorting Machine

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Excell Turbo 208

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AKY Technology - Gökmen AKYÜREK

The world’s largest Fine-Cleaning Machine with the highest capacity.

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Quiet, smooth, technological, excellent product purity and easy to operate with touch control panel, we called it the machine of the future.

Seeds Cleaning Machines

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Plant area is 25.000m2 at your service

AKY Technology Yeni Fabrika

Our new place with a high Technology, to provide our customers the best & high quality of services.

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Our High-Tech Machines

Our new place with a high Technology,
to provide our customers the best & high quality of services.

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AKY Technology is an orginazition for new technology in grain conditions, processing and soulutions in Turkey and all of the worlds.


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Seed Cleaning Plant

Seed Cleaning Plant

A Seed processing plant splits the natural product which comes from fields from the lean harvest. It also calibrates the product with desired sizes and processes 10 tons/hour input product with %95-97 purity. Whereby using Fotosorter (Color-sorter) output purity can reach up to %99.9.

With de-awner machine, awns of barleys are peeled so that seeds germinate easily. With pre-cleaning system (vibro separator and air re-cycling aspirator) dust and crude grains are taken out from the flowing system. Excell Cleaners are used for calibrating and super-fine cleaning of the product with the desired quality and sizes. Oats, gleanings inside product are taken out with the help of indent cylinders. Polishing Machines are used at the end of seed processing line. It is used for treating the seeds with homorganic liquid. So that seed is protected from insects and harmful microorganism. After all the cleaning and sorting process, the product is packed with PLC controlled bagging machine with the desired amount.

With this processing plant, you can certificate your seeds.

Pulses Processing Plant

In Pulses processing plant, unprocessed products passes from screening machines for screening raw and broken products and for calibrating process. Later, products could be bagged as per request in bagging machine
The aim of this plant is; getting maximum value of pure products with high quality technological machines.

In Pulses Processing Plant;
1) Sensitive Cleaning Machine; screens the dust, corp, chaff, etc. from the product and finishes the pre-celaning process. Later; for sorting the high density things, product enters to the stone separator.
2) Stone Separator is mostly for sorting impurities like; stone, glass, dust, etc. Later the product enters to the Gravity Separator for separating light products.
3) Gravity Machine is used for separating the light materials from the product. This machine finalize the cleaning process. On the next step; product passes to the color sorting machine.
4) Color sorting machine is mostly used to separate and calibrate the processed product to their color and type. Thus; the products purity level increases to %99,8.
5) Scale and Bagging Machine is used to weighing and bagging the processed products with optional

Sunflower Processing Plant

Sesame Processing Plant

Sunflower Peeling Plant