Excell 207 Turbo Fine Cleaning Machine

Excell 207 Turbo Fine Cleaning Machine

Product Code : Excell 207 Turbo

Excell Turbo 207 comes to the forefront among the other screen cleaners with two times fine-cleaning capability. It takes the task of two cleaning machine.

Working principle Excell Turbo 207 provides two times dust sucktion at the first entry. The cleaning efficiency is boosted after two times dust suction. Beside that, underscreen (under-sized) and/or overscreen (over-sized) product is air-treated by Excell 207 Turbo while other cleaners can only air treat only overscreen (over-sized) product. Fan and aspirator speed are controlled via PLC and inverters. Excell 207 Turbo is a great solution for dried-nuts cleaning.


Excell 207 Turbo Alfa Teknik Özellikler

Makine Agırlıgı 5500 Kg
Makine Boyutu 4000x4600x2200
Makine Eleme Alanı 18 m2
Makine Elek Sayısı 6
Makine Elek Boyutu Mm (X,Z) 2400X1200
Makine Aspiratör Motoru
Kw, Devir, Adet
11 1400 1
Makine Eksantrik Motoru
Kw, Devir, Adet
3 900 1
Makine Alt Fan Motoru
Kw, Devir, Adet
1,5 1400 2
Makine Ürün Dağıtıcı Motoru
Kw, Devir, Adet
0,75 1400 1
Makine Helezon Motoru
Kw, Devir, Adet
0,55 70 1


Makine Kapasitesi
Naturel ürün miktarına göre hesaplanmıştır (Ürün Nem Oranı Max. %15 Olmalıdır)
Bugday, Çavdar, Arpa 16 - 20 t/h
Yulaflar, Mısır, Beyaz Prinç 13 t/h
Soya, Bezelyeler, Kahve 13 t/h
Pirinç 11 t/h
Ayçekirdegi 5 - 10 t/h
Çavdar Çimi, Yonca 3.0 - 4.0 t/h

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