Mixing Bird Feed installation Plant

Mixing Bird Feed installation Plant

We completed the installation of this facility made of 4 different raw materials provided the desired amount of mixture, packed to be ready for shipment.

This Plant is computer-controlled, fully automatic system plants, imported wheat for oil sunflower seeds, millet are provided, described as birdseed providing the desired mixing ratio. After preparation of the birdseed products, our packaging machines makes the packaging works and the product is ready to dispatch. In addition, the ratio of raw materials in the products according to the demands coming from different locations in a computer-controlled system provides the possibility to set the desired level.

The lack of a similar facility in the area and the progression through the situation processed with the raw computer-aided, dispatch system automation facilities and it was done and controlled by different ways.

Plant Information:

15-ton 4 silos

Feed elevators are

Electronics of Dosing Valve

Weighing Systems

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