AKY Technology - Üretim


Research and Development Stage:

The organization has a professional team and department heads. AKY Technology, is working to develop projects with professional technology. Research & Development Department is closely follow up the world Pulses Process. Solutions approach with machinery, software and a high quality service is improved with each passing day. AKY Technology is an organization that has adopted the principle of signing the highly efficient project design.


 Production stage:

Technology for AKY is important to provide high quality and services. Because each machine placed on the market represents AKY Technology. With this approach, our services are manufactured carefully for  the packaging stage of the Seeds harvest sector such as all machines, laser under the control of experienced staff, are produced exclusively with the latest technology as CNC.


Quality Control Stage:

Turkey and the world's takes a special care to the perfection of the product to be delivered to any place. AKY 's product result from the plant Technology must be exactly 100% . Therefore; AKY's machinery and mechanical parts have been tested many times by our quality control engineers, paint and so on. Controls are delivered from the installation point which has been checked and approved 100% .

Shipping Stage: 

AKY Technology has many points in Turkey and the world for machine and transport parts. After quality control processes ensure 100% perfection in the functionality of the product, "the delivery stage" is reached. 

AKY Technology is concerned with the care of all machinery and equipment shipment which sent to the shipping department :  Land shipping or by Sea for products are provided. All these operations are carried out through experienced staff in the delivery department; loading the products on a regular basis is provided to the vehicle.

Installation Stage:

AKY Technology is looking for a quality of 100% Installation even in a complicated operation. By a professional installation team, who set up completely all the machines & shipped to the customer. Make sure that all machines in function by a doing a perfect test . Recognizing also the right knowledge and machine operate training, without a problem, are given to the employees by the professional installation team of AKY Technology.


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