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AKY Technology is an innovative supplier for grain conditioning, pulses processing and seed processing technology.

AKY Technology manufactures technological systems that manages the process from harvest to packaging, also a spare part supplier and installer.

AKY Technology’s machines are used to purify dried food from foreign substances such as dust, dirt, stones. Imperfect products (broken, immature, crude etc.) can also be sorted with the processing machines. Packaging and bagging machines are a part of wide manufacturing spectrum of AKY Technology.

The machines are classified as mechanical or automatic controlled so that the aim is to offer viable alternatives to the customer's budget. In addition, cleaning machines can be made compatible with the desired product and have different capacities.

Throughout 10 years, experienced managers and professional staff offer a great deal of improvement with a high quality of service in grain and dry fruit industry.

Also it is important to establish trust between the customer & AKY Technology. World to be selected so as to ensure maximum benefit to any part of the plant and be careful when installing each piece to be combined. Within the outline of mutual agreement; and control the life cycle of the plant machinery and equipment, parts supplying and treatment are provided continuously.

Additionally, with AKY Technology, a Project, a task or a system come alive considering the customers' requirements. Our experienced staff meet with our customers for the best solution. AKY’s one of the priority principle is to lead the clients for long-term customer satisfaction.

AKY Technology aims to establish long-term business partnerships with strong communication flow, and to strengthen the presence in pulses and grain sector as a follower and creator of techno-innovation all over the world.

Now it is techno-innovation time with AKY Technology!


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