New Generation Color Sorting Machine ( Foto Sorter )

AKY TECHNOLOGY Foto Sorter B + optical color sorting machines, pre-cleaning step for color quality in the history of granular products for best products results with low practic.

By this machines, you can obtained a result of 99,9% pure screened and treated product. AKY TECHNOLOGY Foto Sorter B series is the Newest level in machines with today's technology screening and separation of the quality product obtained.
CCD Color Camera
Light-sensitive unit and CCD-sensor which is composed of silicon-cell reacts according to the power of the light falling. Each point of the CCD-sensor (pixel), depending on the detected light intensity, an electric thrust (impulse) is produced. Color, black and white are two kinds of camera systems are available. Consisting of a single color with a black and white camera speckless (rice, beans, etc.) Is used for extracting the product. If the color camera is used for cleaning of all kinds of nuts and dried beans.
FOTOSORT B + Working Principle
Elevators is made beside Fotosort B + and holding tank is installedProducts of this tank is given to the channel in the machine. Product through this channel passes in front of the camera while driving down a thin strip. It is located in the camera, products discolored, mottled or grain by identifying products that do not meet the quality standards, commands sent to the computer program to remove them. The computer transmits this command to the ejector and ejector detected product and removes from the flowing product . With this good proceed it moves to the next stage. Extracting spotted or discolored grains are loaded back into the waiting chamber with an elevator machine. Products with poor color is given back into the machine from the last channel that was previously set. The second time through the process of discrimination. In this way, product loss rate is reduced.
Cameras used in FOTOSORT B + series, the smallest size to be recognizable on the desired product can be found on a color difference in size 0.25mm2. Of the desired product quality standards, the operator can program and the color separation is done.
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