Seed Coating Machine

Seed Coating Machine

Product Code : SCM-001


Powder applicators used for coating and pilling of crop with insecticides, fungicides, micronutrients and inoculants to the semi quality standards.

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Function and Working Principle of the Machine

Machine is used tfor coating the surface of the seeds, dried fruit type of products. Working principle of the machine: Machine has
a weighing reservoir. Initial step is to weigh product up to 50 kgs and discharge it onto a disc which turns at high speed. Product,
on disc, keeps turning at an accelerating speed and rolls due to friction. Liquid and/or granule formula etc., are added during this
process for the covering of product surface. Eventually product is taken out from the hopper.

System is controlled automatically by a PLC and a touch screen.

A dosing pump, liquid tube and liquid tank are included in the ystem alternatively, double pumping tube and liquid tank, granule product tank and screw machine can be added to the system. Powder product spiral releases desired amount of powder within desired period of time. Coating Machine has stainless and colored alternative versions. Machine is designed to avoid maintenance for a long period of time.

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