Double Layer Stone Separator

Double Layer Stone Separator

Product Code : DS 009 (2L)


Stone Separator Machine (Two Level) is for ideal separation of stones and metal, glass, and other high-density (heavier) admixtures from seed.

All agricultural products and in particular cereals, pulses, sesame, cumin and kernel is quite effective.

Stone Separator Machine (Two Level) with a high vacuum can separate light impurities and dust from the main product.



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Work Princible

Seed feed into the Pre-Storage hopper via conveyor. Stone separation in machine created by eccentric system with heavy vibration and a pressure air from the bottom of impurities separation is provided.


General Specifications of Stone Separator Machine:

• Machine Designed with Autodesk Inventor 3D mechanical solid modeling design software.

• Production all parts CNC cutting system

• Final touch finishes, electrostatic painting and powder coating system including, powder coating oven.

•  Used eccentric deck system which has a dynamic and stable structure.

• Mechanical installation step took place in computer-aided production line.


Distinguishing Specifications of Stone Separator Machine:

• Linear feeding

• Speed Controller

• Fixed speed eccentric engine running.

• Air motors used to operate at a fixed speed airflow from below.

• Air pressure can be changed manually with the valve plug.


Products can be used in machine: Pulses, , Grain, Cumin Sesame and so on.


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