Excell 117 Plus Pre Cleaning Machine

Excell 117 Plus Pre Cleaning Machine

Product Code : Excell 117 Plus

On the first step, the material is flown into the machine and distributed over the first screening layer with product distributor mechanism.

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Later on, the dust and light products separates from the main crop by double air induction system. The separator valves in air induction system controlled by PLC systems to give maximum performance with the minimum energy consumption. On the next step, product lays over to the first four screens evenly which are placed on the upper screening deck to be separated from large impurities. The material which is processed on the upper deck, passes down to the screening deck below for dust and small impurity separation. Finally, the product passes from the final air channel to be separated from half-empty (light) impurities. 



Weight (kg)


Screen Area (m²)


Number Of Screens


Screen Dimensions (mm - xz)

2400 - 1200

Aspirator Motor (KW, Rpm, Piece)

(11, 1400, 1)

Eccentirc Motor KW, Rpm, Piece)

(3, 900, 1)

Machine Bottom Fan Motor (KW, Rpm, Piece)

(3, 1400, 1)

Machine Product Distrubutor Motor (KW, Rpm, Piece)

(0.70 , 1400 ,1)

Machine Screw Conveyor Motor (KW, Rpm, Piece)

(0.55 ,70, 1)

Clapper Settings PLC

Aktuator Piece 2 stroke 100mm

Machine Maximum Noise 

72 Decibel Maximum
Machines Color Acrylic Gray - Acrylic White
Sieve Cleaner Balls Cleaning System
Standart Voltage 380V - 20KW

Machine Construction Materials

ST44 - Ç1040 - 1st Class Plywood

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