Excell 288 Calibrating Machine

Excell 288 Calibrating Machine

Product Code : Excell 288


Product distributor is the mechanism which spreads the product on top of the first screen.
1) Engine speed depends on speed controller device (inverter). User can increase or decrease the cleaning capacity by changing the engine speed.
2) User can adjust the capacity by changing the angle of the product distributor.
Air flow actuator is used for decreasing or increasing the channel gap which air is flown through. It is controlled by PLC.


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Excell 288 super fine cleaner can provide product cleaning with capacity as well as grading the product into 3 different sizes. The product is spreaded on the first screen equally with a product distributor placed on top of the machine. Before contacting with the screen, the product is double air-cleaned to minimize dust particles inside. After air-cleaning process, product is flown from the sieves to take out the straws, dust and broken pieces. After sorting, product can be graded into 2 or 3 sizes. The final process is to take out light-weight particles by double air-cleaning channels. in total, there are two dust cleaning, one gravity separation, one straw separation, one broken pieces separation. Additionally it is possible to grade clean-product into 3 different sizes. Excell 288 has 18 kw power as well as 30 meter square screening area.

Excell 288

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