Excell 245 Grading Machine

Excell 245 Grading Machine

Product Code : Excell 245

Excell 245 is a high capacity grading machine of Excell Cleaners series. It is ahead of other grading machines with low energy consumption, high capacity and also takes less space comparing to others.

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Working Principle

Product is discharged into the machine from a manuel adjustable valve. First sieve, takes out all the trash and garbage, so that machine will be operated with more efficiency  by pre-cleaning the product before taking it to grading system. Excell 245 has 5 product output chutes. Oversize(scalping) and/or undersize(screening) product can be taken out in every sieve installed on the machine. The output chutes are designed for bags/sacks and conveyor systems.


By using different sizes of AKY Technology sieves, it is possible to grade all kind of grains, nuts, legumes, spices with Excell 245.
Excell 245 is an excellent energy saver machine. There is only one 1.5 kW motor installed on it.

Excell 245 Grading Machine 

Weight Machine (kg)


Machine Size (x-y-z)


Machine Sieve Area (m²)


Number of Machines Screens


Machine Sieve Size (mm - xz)

2000 - 1000

Aspirator Machine Robot (KW, Devir, Adet)

(11, 1400, 1)

Eccentric Robot Machine (KW, Devir, Adet)

(1.5, 1000, 1)

Product Feeder


Machine Noise Level

70 Decibel Maximum
Machine color
Acriylic Gray - Acriylic White
Sieve Cleaning Batch cleaning system
Standard Voltage 380V - 1.5KW

Material Manufacture

ST44 - Ç1040 - Firstclass Plywood

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